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This is the Intro Transcript of the video:::

Jonny: So I said to her, Angelina I want to, I really, really want to. But what about Brad? Brad is like a son to me!

Harvey: You’re a good man,

Jonny: I know, I know!

-Intercom buzzes-

Jonny: Come in!

-Veronica peers round door-

Veronica: One Direction are here to see you.

Harvey: Who?

Veronica: One Direction? You’re making their new movie, shall I send them in?

Jonny: Sure, I love new movies!

-The boys enter as Jonny and Harvey speak their next few lines-

Harvey: They’re here! The real movie stars!

Jonny: The biggest band on the planet!

Harvey: Too right they are! I love the Direction. Come on in guys, take a seat!

-The boys will be seated with Harry last-

Jonny: Can I just say what HUGE fans we are of you guys?

Harvey: HUGE! Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zack.

Zayn: It’s Zayn.

Harvey: Sure whatever you say big guy!

-Jonny speaks as you see Veronica place drinks down, where the boys check her out and Harvey also has lines-

Jonny: We cannot wait for this movie, it’s gonna be the greatest movie of all time! I’m talking Academy Awards!

Harvey: Emmys, Baftas!

Jonny: Have you ever seen Forrest Gump?

Harry: Sure

Harvey: Better than that!

Jonny: Have you seen The Hangover?

Liam: Yeah.

Harvey: Funnier than that!

Jonny: Have you seen Titanic?

Niall: Course.

Harvey: Sadder than that!

Zayn: Sounds okay.

Jonny: It’s better than ‘okay’ Zack, it’s award-winning!

Harvey: We wanna introduce you to our marketing guy. Marcel! Marcel!

– Marcel stumbles in-

Marcel: Hi.

Harvey: There he is! He’s gonna run you through some thoughts for the movie.

Marcel: Really nice to meet you guys, I’m a HUGE fan. Cute as a button every single one of you! First scene, I’m talking massive dance number! I’m thinking a hundred dancers, fireworks, the lot! Dance is just so hot right now!

-The next 4 lines are between Harvey and Jonny-

Harvey: Hey, you know I used to be a dancer?

Jonny: Really, what kind?

Harvey: Eh, mainly tap.

Jonny: Hmm, you got the shape for that.

-Back to everybody-

Marcel: I want you to meet Leeroy, he’s gonna be your choreographer! Leeroy!

-Leeroy enters-

Leeroy: Hi boys, hi! Okay, here’s what I’m thinking. The first opening number is gonna be big! Stay with me cause I’m quite quick and 5,6,7,8! And 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8! And Niall, for the shimmy, for the shimmy, for the shimmy, and Zayn pirouettes and Louis do the splits and Liam, you stay exactly where you are because you are per-fect!

Louis: We never do that.

Leeroy: Oh.

Marcel: So, that’s something for us to work on, thanks Leeroy!

-Leeroy leaves-

Marcel: So let’s take a look at some of the styling options for the film! Now, personally I think this one is the one!

Harry: Absolutely not.

Louis: We never wear that.

Marcel: Right, how about, This One!

Liam: No.

Marcel: It tested really well.

Zayn: Never in a million years.

Marcel: (as music starts up) Ta da!

-The boys shake their heads at the options before the song starts!

Official Video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o_v9MY_FMcw

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